This is my home of the web. I've been kicking around it since 86... love the days of Vancouver Freenet... what a concept... got more time on my hands now... check here often to see then fun stuff I'm doing... maybe gonna have to figure out some of the other awesome stuff that came with this site... Lunarpages rox!!! maybe a blog or something... looking at the control panel now... way too much stuff fer this damaged brain... lol maybe a chat room... lol I'd need friends fer that... ;)
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Basic beige with teak bits attached!

Basic black with shiny bits attached!

 Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
Cody and buffalo
Hey Cody would that stuffy fit in your room?
The buffalo hams it up!
This buffalo must have a little piggy in its
 gene pool.... cuz he was all ham today!
Dancer at Head smashed In Buffalo Jump.
Much dancing was done by some.
Cody gets eaten by bear.
On the way home a funny thing happened
when Cody tried to talk to the
Stopped for Snacks in Sparwood On The Way to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
Me in front of coal mining equipment.
Cody gets to have me pose and he gets to
shoot the photo.
Cody has to pose too.... hey no napping!!!
Stuff to See at Fort Steele
Cody in front of the cabinet shop
Cody look'n oh so kewl in front of the cabinet
shop... lol... I made him stand
All the stuff inside the cabinet shop.
Tools....glorious toooooolllllllllsss..... mmmuuuuhhhaaaahhhhaaaa!!!
More Fun Stuff to See at Fort Steele
Cody in front of train at Fort Steele
It runs too.... though its been refitted to burn oil
and not coal like it did last time we were here.
Cody gets gold fever!
Cody gets gold fever.... have pan will strike
Road Trip to Fort Steele and Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
Eagle in tree
Everybody goes on vacation!
Sheep on the road.
We found this sheep on the road and couldn't get him in the
My new toy... everybody should own one of these!
Super SUvy
Super Suvy! It's so
Suvy's new speakers
We built some speaker boxes for it too!
Off to see the eagle at Morris Valley
Eagle in tree

Thar she blows... oops that's whale watching

Son and Brother

Eagles and good company what more could you want on a beautiful summer day.

Driving home from Salsbury Lake

Ooo ooo they dug the road out... lol

Gotta love that 4X4